What We Offer

We offer quality, affordable after-school, computer-assisted tutoring.  We also offer an eight week summer camp!

The School's Out Summer Program is one of our most successful on-going projects!

Research shows that when students are out of school for the summer, they lose or forget more than twenty-five percent of what they have learned during the regular school year.  We offer a solution to this issue.  We make sure that they are engaged in meaningful experiences, with reading taking precedence.  We have fun meaningful field trips as well as plenty of inside and outside recreation, such as swimming and playing sports.

Our Beginnings!

We were founded in October 1991 by Ernestine P. Mosley, a retired educator, who strives to instill in the students the desire to learn and to motivate them to achieve the highest possible level of academic performance.

Mrs. Mosley has over thirty years of experience as an instructor and public education administrator.  Like most educators, she recognizes the heartbreaking nationwide epidemic of educationally-deficient, at-risk students who, for a host of reasons, will not be able to use the benefits of a good education to enrich their lives.

Whatever the reasons for the failures, HTTC serves as a life raft that is turning students back to education.

We believe in stressing the 4"r's"- reading, 'riting, 'rithmetic and respect.  We also believe that Character Education is of vital importance in developing productive citizens.

Our Accomplishments!

Keith Council - Keith is a 2003 University of Florida graduate.  He has the distinct honor of being our first alumnus.  Mr. Council is a teacher at Oak Ridge High School.

Tenika Morning - Tenika is a 2008 honors graduate of Florida A & M University

Kea Council - Kea is a 2005 graduate of the University of Florida. 

Princess Ousley - Mrs. Ousley is an honors graduate from Florida A & M University received her MBA and is now working for the State of Florida in Tallahassee.

Conrad Hill - Conrad graduated from Evans High School and Bethune Cookman University.  He is now gainfully employed with a company in South Florida.


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